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Terms of Registration


The ownership and operation right of various e-services at the Darry Ring website shall be owned by Darry Jewelry. Users must fully agree the terms of service and complete the registration process to become the formal users of Darry Ring's website.

2.User Registration

2.1 Qualification: A Darry Ring user must be a natural person with full capacity for civil conduct according to law. Without limiting the foregoing term, we do not provide services to users that are under 18, or temporarily or indefinitely suspended; in case that a user does not comply with the foregoing term, please don't sign up for Darry Ring website; otherwise, we will not provide relevant service.

2.2 Filling in the information: to ensure the normal conduct of trading, the user must provide true and valid personal information to Darry Ring website; any change in the personal information shall be notified to Darry Ring for updates.

Based on significance of services provided by Darry Ring's website, users shall agree to:

①Provide detailed and accurate personal information.

②Update the registration information constantly to make it timely, detailed and accurate. 

Darry Ring's website will not disclose user's name, address, email address and ID Card number, except for the following cases:

①User authorizes Darry Ring to disclose such information.

②Relevant law and procedures require Darry Ring to offer users' personal information.

2.3 The user can choose whether to accept the services and related information published by the website through the registered E-mail address from time to time.

2.4 In case that the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, Darry Ring reserves the right to terminate the user's network services qualification.

3.Notice delivery

All notices sent to users may be delivered through the announcement on important page, email or regular mail.

4.Privacy of User

Without the authorization of a legitimate user, Darry Ring will not disclose or edit the user's registered information and the non-public contents saved at the website, unless required by law or Darry Ring thinks it is necessary to disclose such information in good faith in the following four cases:

①Comply with laws and regulations as well as the legal services program of Darry Ring's website.

②Maintain the trademark ownership of Darry Ring's website.

③In case of an emergency, make every effort to safeguard the privacy of users and the public.

④In accordance with other related requirements.

5.User Account, Password and Security

5.1 Once registered, the user may become a legitimate user of Darry Ring's website and receive a password and user name. The user will take full responsibility for the security of the user name and password. In addition, each user shall take full responsibility for all activities and events conducted by the user name. The user may change the password according to the instructions from time to time.

5.2 If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or any security vulnerability, please promptly notify Darry Ring's website.

6.Revision & deletion of service terms and change of services

Darry Ring's terms of service are used to provide users with product sales service, which may be revised or removed from time to time. Any change in the terms of service will be prompted on important pages. If the user disagrees with the change, such user may cancel the network services. If the user continues to enjoy the network services, it will be deemed as to have accepted the changes in the terms of service. Darry Ring shall reserve the right to revise or interrupt the services at any time without prior notice to users. Darry Ring shall not be responsible for the user or a third party while exercising the right to modify or interrupt services.


Users shall comply with the following provisions when purchasing at the website of Darry Ring:

①The user shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, regulations and local laws and regulations of China on the use of services and purchase of products on the website of Darry Ring. The user shall ensure to comply with the User Agreement, Privacy Statement and all other terms and conditions thereof. 

②The price and availability of the products are indicated on the website of Darry Ring. Such information will be subject to change without notice. The prices of products have included the value-added tax. Delivery fee will be charged separately, which depends on the delivery mode selected by users. In case of any accident which may cause the change of product price due to the price increase by supplier or tax, or error by the online shopping mall, the user may cancel the order; we hope the user can notify the Darry Ring customer service department by email or call in a timely manner. The user may cancel the order if there is a shortage in the goods ordered.

③Darry Ring will do its utmost to ensure that the products purchased by the user are consistent with the prices posted on the website, but the price list and the statement do not constitute an offer. The Darry Ring has the right to unilaterally withdraw any order in the event of a significant error or shortage of products and orders on its website.

④ Darry Ring shall reserve the right to limit the quantity of products ordered at the website. While placing an order, the user shall be deemed to have acknowledged that the user has reached the legal age to purchase the product, and will be responsible for the authenticity of all the information provided by the user in the order.


Darry Ring will deliver the product to the address specified by the user. The delivery time listed on the website of Darry Ring is for reference only, which is calculated based on the inventory status, normal processing and delivery time and address.

9.Termination of Service

9.1 User or Darry Ring may terminate one or more online services according to the factual circumstances. Darry Ring may terminate the service without taking responsible for any personal or a third party from time to time. In case of any objection to the modified terms or dissatisfaction with the service of the Darry Ring's website, the user may exercise the following rights:

① Stop using the web services provided by Darry Ring's website.

② Notify Darry Ring website to stop the service to the user.

9.2 After the termination of the service, the user's right to use the web service shall be stopped promptly. Thereafter, the user shall have no right to enjoy, and Darry Ring shall have no obligation to deliver, any unprocessed information and unfinished service to user or a third party.

10.User management

10.1The user must follow:

①Relevant laws and regulations of China while transferring technical data from China to foreign countries.

②Do not use the network services for illegal usage.

③Do not interfere with the network services.

④Comply with all network agreement, regulations, procedures and practices of the network services.

10.2 The user shall exclusively bear the responsibility for the published content. The use of the service by the user is based on all national laws, local laws and international legal standards applicable to the website of Darry Ring.

10.3 The user shall promise not to transmit any illegal, erotic, malicious, abusive, threatening and scurrilous information, etc. In addition, users shall not transmit any information that abets the commission of a crime; any information that may promote domestic adverse conditions and or involve national security; any information that is inconsistent with any local, national and international laws and regulations.

10.4 It is prohibited to illegally access to other computer systems without permission. If the user's behavior does not comply with the above mentioned terms of service, Darry Ring will immediately cancel the user service account at its sole discretion. The user shall assume legal responsibility for his own behavior on the website. If the user spreads reactionary, erotic or other information in violation of national laws at the website of Darry Ring, the system record of Darry Ring website may be taken as the evidence of violations of the law.

11.Limited liability

11.1 Darry Ring shall be obligated to ensure the normal operation of the website and try to avoid the interruption of service or control the interruption within the shortest time, in order to ensure the smooth conduct of online transactions with users. in case of breakdown of website, failure of transaction for abnormal operation, or missing of information or record caused by force majeure or other reason beyond Darry Ring's control, Darry Ring's website shall not bear responsibility; Failure to enjoy the services or any other losses caused by errors, incomplete or false information provided by any user shall be unrelated to Darry Ring.

11.2 Darry Ring shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special and successive damages caused by: improper or illegal use of website services, or changes in the information transmitted by the user. Those behaviors are likely to result in damages to the image of the Darry Ring's website, and therefore, Darry Ring raises the possibility of such damages in advance.

12.Intellectual Property Statement

The copyright, patent right, trademark, business secret and any other ownership and rights related to network services shall be owned by Darry Ring's website; without the consent of Darry Ring's website, no person or user shall download, copy, transmit, adapt, edit or disclose the relevant copyright, patent right, trademark, business secret and any other ownership or rights or engage in other infringement acts; otherwise such person or user shall bear full legal responsibility. The online shopping mall shall have the ownership of any data information that is generated and stored on the web server of the website while providing services to the user.

13.Applicable law and jurisdiction

The laws of People's Republic of China shall apply to the contract between the user and Darry Ring's website, and all disputes will be appealed to the People's Court of Shenzhen Municipality (competent court). In case of conflict between Darry Ring's website terms of service and the law of the People's Republic of China, the terms shall be reinterpreted as per the provisions of law; other terms shall remain the legal force and effect to the users.

14. Miscellaneous

14.1 If a user provides the wrong information, or engages in illegal behavior through Darry Ring's website, all legal liabilities shall be assumed by the user, and Darry Ring's website will reserve the right to investigate the legal responsibility of users by law.

14.2 The user has fully read and understood the above terms before making the order, and is willing to bear the related responsibility.

14.3 Darry Jewelry Co., Ltd. shall reserve the right to interpret this provision.








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